An interview with Skarabeos

What is Skarabeos?

Skarabeos is an Austrian design brand. We create sustainable design products that offer you protection in your daily life.

Where does the name Skarabeos come from?

In ancient Egypt the scarab beetle was a symbol of renewal and shelter. We have been inspired by this for our brand.

How did Skarabeos come about?

Skarabeos was founded in 2016 by the Austrian designer Wolfgang Langeder.

For Wolfgang, design is the essential basis and starting point for all Skarabeos developments. He successfully works as a product designer since many years. His work has been awarded international design prizes and can be seen in museums worldwide. He stands behind the company as creative and business mastermind with his knowledge and his many years of experience in design and fashion.

With his affinity for Japanese aesthetics, Wolfgang has developed an understated yet highly sophisticated design language for Skarabeos, which can be experienced in all our products.

As a trained historian, Wolfgang also brings a special love of things, such as traditional materials and craftsmanship, which he integrates into the design process and shapes in a modern way. This is also where his deep interest and appreciation of duration, long-term processes and a fundamental attitude of “less is more” as a general philosophy for life originates.

Skarabeos was born out of a project in which Wolfgang was intensively involved with protective applications and novel technological solutions for design products. Innovative elements from this are the basis for Skarabeos and our products.

The essential intention of Skarabeos is simple: It is about developing meaningful products that are sustainable, well designed, durable and offer the users protection in everyday life.

What exactly does sustainability mean for Skarabeos?

For us, sustainability has several aspects that we take into account during development.

Our products consist of high-quality, sustainable materials.

As the outer fabric for our two products Skarabeos Jacket 01 and Skarabeos Backpack 01 we use a waterproof 3-layer laminate made of 100% recycled polyester from Germany. It is actually used in the performance area and is characterized by an extreme water column and breathability.

The jacket also has an extra inner lining made of high-quality loden made of organic merino wool. This material warms very well, it is lightweight and offers excellent temperature regulating properties, making it very comfortable to wear.

You can button the inner jacket into the outer jacket as a warming lining or use both layers separately. This makes the jacket a protective companion all year round and in all weather conditions.

Accessories are mostly (if already available) made of sustainable materials, such as GOTS certified horn buttons or zippers and buckles made of recycled polyester. 

Our designs are also manufactured in Europe.

We put a lot of emphasis on personal contact with our partners during production. We have chosen production sites that are as local as possible to avoid unnecessary transportation but also to guarantee certain social standards. For us, this includes visiting a production partner on site in order to have face-to-face talks and get an idea of the working conditions. This proximity and the personal level ensure that our products are sustainable in this respect as well.

Our products are durable and of high quality.

All in all, Skarabeos’ concept is based on developing design products that are high-quality and durable. Our designs are clear and timeless. Well thought-out functions and durable materials offer the wearer protection in everyday life.

We donĀ“t change our products with every season, but will keep these pieces for a long time and expand this selection of useful and beautiful things step by step.

For us, sustainability means asking ourselves what is really necessary. It is about seeing the big picture and changing it by integrating sustainable aspects into our products. With Skarabeos we want to contribute to this change as a brand.

What is unique about Skarabeos designs?

Wolfgang has a special affinity for Japanese aesthetics. It’s about designing things in a way that’s simple and restrained, but always with an unbelievable depth and distinctiveness that’s often only recognizable at second glance. This principle of Wabi-Sabi can also be found in the products we make at Skarabeos. They are understated and highly sophisticated. This quiet distinctiveness and elegance makes them ideal companions for many years.

Wolfgang also had the opportunity to work for a friend of his who was herself Yohji Yamamoto’s assistant in Tokyo. This innovative approach to fashion plays a significant role in our designs. They have a refined style, combining cutting-edge aestethics with high functionality and the values of classic craftmanship.

What special features do Skarabeos products offer?

Skarabeos Jacket 01 especially protects the wearer from rain and cold.

The outer material is waterproof. All seams are taped to prevent water from getting in. Even in the outer pockets your personal belongings are safe from rain. A large hood provides additional protection when the weather is particularly wet and windy.

The inner loden jacket is an excellent protection against the cold. This material regulates the body temperature very well so that it keeps you pleasantly warm on cold days. This inner jacket can be buttoned into the outer jacket or used as an extra jacket. It has two pockets on the outside and two pockets on the inside with zipper. There you can safely store personal things like keys or your smartphone.

This protection against theft is also one major focus of Skarabeos Backpack 01. A flap that covers the zippers and a self-closing magnetic closure make it very difficult for pickpockets to open the bag unnoticed and offer you better protection against theft.

Of course the backpack is also waterproof. Both the material, taped seams and waterproof zippers ensure that your personal items don’t get wet inside. A hood made of extremely thin, waterproof material is fixed on the back, which can be taken out if necessary.

The backpack can also be easily enlarged via a zipper if required. At the front of the backpack straps there is a chest strap for more carrying comfort. Inside there are six compartments for electronic devices and personal items as well as a padded compartment for laptops.

Our jacket and backpack are products that will protect you perfectly in almost all situations.