Skarabeos Backpack 01

Skarabeos Backpack 01

Skarabeos Backpack 01 is a perfect backpack for city dwellers and travellers. It has some special features to keep your personal belongings protected from rain and theft.

Our backpack is waterproof and made of sustainable materials.

The outer textile is made of 100% recycled polyester, which is waterproof. All seams are taped to prevent water from getting inside through the seams. Waterproof zippers additionally ensure that objects inside do not get wet. A hood made of extremely thin waterproof material is integrated in the back, which can be taken out if necessary.

A flap covering the zip openers and a self-closing magnetic lock makes it impossible for pickpockets to open the bag without you noticing and offers you better protection from theft.

The backpack can also be easily enlarged via a zipper, if necessary. There is a chest strap at the front of the backpack straps for greater wearing comfort.

Inside there are six pockets for electronic devices and personal items and a padded compartment for laptops. The backpack is also lined with a 100% recycled polyester material.

Skarabeos Backpack 01 is made in Europe.